International Women’s Day ‘Soul Train’ promo

… today we got our charity groove on at The Cafe de Paris in London where we were filming a promo for a big ‘day of dance’ happening in Jubilee Gardens, on the South Bank on the 8th March…

… the event has been organised by EQUALS and is a partnership of leading charities brought together by Annie Lennox to celebrate the International Women’s Day centenary. Together the EQUALS coalition will be stepping up the call for a more equal world and prompting a big debate about what inequality looks like today.

… the promo is a call to action and will show participants how to take part and create their own soul train and well as a small history of the whole ‘soul train’ thang…

… through our magical power of Persuasion we gathered a large number of dancers, choreographers, film crew, lights, a director and even the very kind people at Cafe de Paris who gave their time and talents for free.

… we want the ‘soul train’ to be an all inclusive dance so we had ballerinas, street-dancers, jazz dancers… even a flamenco dancer… It was a great day, the results of which will be up on the blog in a couple of days.

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2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day ‘Soul Train’ promo

  1. >I really enjoy all kinds of dance. My favorite to watch really is probably an ensemble on stage. I love when everyone is in perfect step with each other. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  2. >Really looking forward to seeing that.A friend of mine organises something fun for International Womans Day every year – last year it was belly dancing – wonder what it'll be this year!!!!!!

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